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The Importance of Honoring Motherhood: Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of Society

Posted by Vanessa De Vera on

The Importance of Honoring Motherhood: Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of Society

Honoring Our Unsung Heroes: Moms

Even though most of us understand the epic part moms play in our families, society, and the world, sometimes we take them for granted. It’s not that we mean to–it’s just that sometimes we expect moms to show up, but we forget to express how much that means. This Mother’s Day, we’re looking at all moms' essential roles and how we can honor them year-round!

The Many Roles of Mom

From chauffeur to chef to hair stylist, moms wear so many hats that we lost track! When you stop and think about it, it’s impossible to understand how they manage so much. Below are just a handful of the dozens of parts mothers play in the lives of their children, families, and friends. But don’t forget the role of a lifetime: Mom!


Moms give the best advice, don’t they? Whether it was our mom, grandma, or another mom, we’ve all gotten wise, life-altering advice from a mom. It might have been an insight into why people bully and how we can respond. Or, it could have been a kind word that helped mend a broken heart. However moms fill their well of thoughtfulness and empathy, we’re glad it never runs dry!


Scraped knees, banged-up funny bones, and cat scratches–Moms know the remedy for them all! And that’s not to mention flu season, cold season, hay fever season, and chicken pox. Kids go through a lot, and that means moms do too! Whether it’s a hug, a bowl of chicken soup, or a carefully-applied bandage, mothers are experts at helping us feel like a million bucks again. Thanks, Mom!


Moms teach with their words, but mostly they lead by example. Kids are always watching, and they notice how their mothers treat strangers with kindness, care for household pets, welcome new neighbors, make visitors feel at home, and manage everything from work to creative projects to gardening to paying bills. (Almost) everything we know, we learned by watching Mom!

Honoring Mom Year-Round

Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to make Moms feel extra special. In fact, the only thing better than celebrating Mother’s Day is honoring the extraordinary mothers in our lives year-round! Here’s how. 

Express Appreciation

There’s a reason “It’s the little things” is such a common expression–because it’s true! More than fanfare or fancy gifts, moms love to hear the words, “Thank you,” “I appreciate you,” and “You make everything better.” Whether it’s a handwritten note, a cute card, their favorite complicated coffee, or a heartfelt hug, showing gratitude for moms only takes a moment, but it makes a huge impression.

Pay Attention

Moms give so much attention to so many people, places, and things. But sometimes, they aren’t getting the care and support they need. When moms talk, listen. Don’t feel like you have to solve their problems or give expert advice. Know that they might just want to express themselves and feel seen. Paying attention is essential because, really, love and attention are the same thing. 

Show Love

We love the moms in our lives, but sometimes we forget to show it. Sadly, others can’t feel our feelings or know what’s in our hearts. It’s only through our actions and behavior that they can know we care. One of the best ways to show Mom you care is by spending time with her and being curious about her interests. If she likes museums, antique car shows, or foreign films but has no one to go with, join her! You might find you love what she loves, but at the very least, you’ll make her feel loved. 

Conclusion: The Importance of Honoring Motherhood

Moms rock! We know it, but we don’t always show it. In a crazy, busy world, moms should never feel left out or unseen. Honoring motherhood means listening, paying attention, expressing gratitude, and celebrating the incomparable contributions of moms–year-round.

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