Here's how to easily set up your doorway hanger within 10 minutes...

Step 1: Mounting The Doorway Hanger Soft Install: Using No Screws

Here's how to set up your doorway hanger without drilling holes into your doorway. This is tested up to 160 lbs but is not as secure as a hard install.

Sensory Scout does NOT recommend this kind of installation as it is less secure.


Hard Install: Using Screws (RECOMMENDED)

Here's how to set up your doorway hanger, using the included screws and securing nubs.

This requires drilling two small, pea-sized holes in the side of your doorway, which can be easily covered up if needed. (Shown in the "Removing Your Doorway Hanger" section below)

This is the most secure way to hang your doorway bar and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Step 2: Connecting Your Swing Tying The Knots: Two Point Swing

Here's how to set up your swing with two hanging points (kind of like those swings at the park) This is great for an exciting swinging, back-and-forth motion.

Hitch Knot: Detailed Knot Instructions

Here's a more in depth video showing you how to tie the knots used in the above video.