Eye Screw and Carabiner Hanging Kit Instructional Videos


Here's how to get your hanging kit set up in a single afternoon...

Ceiling Install: Using An Eye Screw

Here's how to set up your hanging kit in your ceiling. This video demonstrates the instructions in a wall, but the steps are identical to a ceiling setup.

All threads of your Eye Screw MUST be fully screwed into the wooden beam.

WARNING: Check the Eye Screw periodically to ensure it does not unscrew. This can happen if your child spins a lot counter clockwise. To counteract that you can screw the Eye Screw into the wooden beam at an angle so that spinning will just twist the ropes and not the Eye Screw.

Adjusting Your Setup: How To Adjust Swing Height

Here's how to adjust the height of your swing if it's hanging too high up and you need to lower it.