Who We Are

Meet Sensory Scout®: for parents, by parents. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of research to develop products that simply work, every time. The future of sensory solutions has never looked brighter. We create truly revolutionary products that work better than anything else we've tested on the market.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sensory Scout is to provide the best products, educational content, and community for special needs families. We hope to transform our world into one that embraces different and empowers kids with sensory challenges to thrive.

Our Story

Hey, I'm Benzion, founder of SensoryScout.com.

As a martial arts instructor I worked with kids who had Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Challenges, and I saw firsthand how much progress can be made with the right tools, activities, and a good amount of patience.

After seeing the amazing results of my students, I wanted a way to serve families beyond the ones I was working with directly in my classes.

Taking what I learned as an instructor, I began working with parents, teachers, and therapists to develop fun and powerful sensory solutions that work!

Sensory Scout now offers dozens of products designed specifically to help your child thrive, and I'm so happy to be a part of your journey!