Hey. Ben here from Sensory Scout. I wanted to take the next five minutes or so to share a little bit more about NeuroBrocc and why we're so excited about this supplement and what it can do to help your child reach their full potential.

NeuroBrocc: What it is and its Benefits
NeuroBrocc is a completely natural supplement made from broccoli sprout extract - that means no chemicals, artificial additives, or anything like that. When your child takes it, these sprouts create a powerful chemical called sulforaphane when digested. Within just a few hours, you might notice that your child acts more calm, has fewer meltdowns, is happier, more alert, and more chatty than usual. Parents have even shared improvements in sleep and digestion. This is because sulforaphane activates heat shock proteins and cellular stress responses leading to improved synaptic function and long-range connectivity.

In simpler terms, it hugely improves brain function, which provides all of those benefits that I'd mentioned earlier from an improved mood, to more socializing, to less frequent meltdowns. The amazing thing is that sulforaphane activates this heat shock response without actually causing a fever or any negative health issues. I've talked more on this in other videos. So if you'd like to learn more about the science and some of the clinical studies, we've added some links under this video. So you can go ahead and click those links.


Discovering the Power of Sulforaphane
It's actually kind of a funny story. So as you might know if you've been following Sensory Scout, I've practiced martial arts for a huge portion of my life. And I actually learned about sensory challenges in my time as an instructor when working with some of my students. And when you're working with kids for eight hours a day, you want to be as healthy and energetic as possible.

So I was doing research on supplements for myself, things that would improve overall health and energy, and that's when I stumbled across an interview talking about the power of broccoli sprouts for oxidative stress and inflammation. So I found some options online. And as I read the reviews, I noticed something fascinating. Although most reviews were from people like me just looking to optimize energy and health, there were dozens of positive reviews from parents of children with sensory challenges. But, these sulforaphane supplements I was researching weren't specifically designed to help overcome sensory challenges. It was just kind of a coincidence. That made me realize that we needed to develop a sulforaphane supplement specifically for children with sensory challenges.


Formulating NeuroBrocc Supplement
So I conducted interviews with doctors, supplement formulators, and did a ton of deep research to see how we could make a sulforaphane supplement specifically designed for both children and adults struggling with sensory challenges like meltdowns, mood, speech, and focus. After a few weeks of work, we created a sensory optimized formula.

If you haven't seen it yet and would to know more about NeuroBrocc, please also check out my interview with Dr. Wallace Nelson where we go over the ingredients, and why they're so important, and really how they work. I hope this video was helpful and you learned a little bit more about NeuroBrocc. I'm super excited to hear from you and learn about some of the results you're seeing with your loved ones.

Talk soon. And remember, let's embrace different.